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How to Add Code Box with Copy Button on Blogger

If you share codes on your site, then you are in the right place this Code Box will help you to share codes, it also contains a cop…

How to Add Stylish Middle Related Posts

How to Add Download Countdown Timer Button on Blogger

Create a Download Countdown Timer Button on your website with a Countdown Timer using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

How to Add Double Click to Copy Syntax Highlighter Content

Host Blogger CSS and JavaScript in Google Drive

Learn how to host your Blogger CSS and JavaScript files in Google Drive for better control and optimization. #Blogger #GoogleDrive #WebDevelopment�…

How to Add Stylish Info. Block in Blogger Theme

Learn how to enhance your Blogger theme by adding a stylish and eye-catching information block with these easy-to-follow steps.

How to Add a Table with Multiple Download Links

Create a table with multiple download links using HTML and CSS. Perfect for content providers. i.e web series, APKs, and software versions.

How to Create a Sticky Header for Median UI

Learn how to create a sticky header for Median UI with this step-by-step guide. Enhance user experience by providing easy access to important links…

How to Add Anti Adblock Script on Blogger

Learn how to add an effective anti-adblock script on your Blogger website to ensure uninterrupted ad display and maximize revenue.�…

How to Add Realtime Post Views Count Widget in Blogger

Adding Realtime Post View Counter to Blogger Website will not require much knowledge about HTML, CSS, or JS because I have already designed it for y…

How to Create HTML Sitemap Page

Hello Guys, Welcome to The Web Trick . Today's article is about "How to Add HTML Sitemap Page for Blogger" template. So follow the so…

How to Add Dynamic Greetings Bar on Website

Learn how to add dynamic greetings bar on website with our step-by-step guide. Enhance user experience and engagement. Implement greetings now!

How to Create Cookie Consent Notification

Hello Guys, welcome to TheWebTrick . If you are looking for best script to install Cookie Consent Widget in this post, We're going to guide …

How to Add Caption on Blogger Thumbnail Image

Guide to add caption on blogger thumbnail

Add Offline Notification on Website – [Opps! No Internet Connection]

Guide to add offline notification on your Blogger & WordPress website. It will show a pop-up notifier, when there is No internet connection on …

How to Fix Related Post Bug in Median UI 1.7

Learn how to fix the 'Related Post' bug in Median UI 1.7 and ensure smooth functioning of your website. Follow these steps …

How to Add Random Post Slider in Median UI

Learn how to incorporate a captivating random post slider into your Median UI website, enticing visitors with dynamic and diverse c…

Create a PWA for Blogger: A Step-by-Step Guide

Looking to boost engagement and user experience on your Blogger site? Learn how to create a Progressive Web App (PWA) with our step…

Perfect Robots.txt Code for Your Blogger Website SEO

Are you interested in regulating which pages on your Blogger website are crawled and which are not? Look no further than the robots.txt file. …

How to Reset Blogger Template to Blank

Resetting your Blogger/Blogspot template to a blank template is a great way to start fresh with your blog's design. Whether you want to change th…
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