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How to Apply for eMitra Kiosh User ID || Emitra LSP Kiosh User Code

Guide on applying for eMitra Kiosk User ID: LSP Kiosk User Code , fill the registration form, submit required documents, and await approval.
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Guide on applying for eMitra Kiosk User ID: LSP Kiosk User Code , fill the registration form, submit required documents, and await approval.

How to Apply for eMitra Kiosh User ID || Emitra LSP Kiosh User Code Kaise Le

In this eMitra Training Course, we will learn how to apply for an eMitra Kiosk ID. In the next class, we will discuss what eMitra is, the documents needed, the tools and software required, and how to create an SSO ID. If you meet all these requirements, you can apply for an eMitra Kiosk ID. Let's find out how to get one by applying for eMitra.


To Apply for eMitra and get an eMitra Kiosk ID

1. Find out how many LSPs (Local Service Providers) are operating in your district. You can find this information on eMitra's website.

2. Watch the video provided at the end of this post for further guidance.

Now that you know about eMitra LSP, you need to get in touch with the LSP you want to use for the eMitra Kiosk. Then, you'll have to complete all the paperwork and application form and send them to the LSP's email address, or you can personally go to the LSP office with the documents. Alternatively, you can also submit the documents and application form by visiting their office.

Once you finish, LSP will contact you either by phone or email. They will ask you to pay and explain how to make the payment. Once you've made the payment, you need to provide the payment details to LSP. After that, they will begin the process of receiving your e-friends.

In a few days, you will receive an eMitra Kiosk ID on your mobile phone. Next, you'll need to go to the SSO portal and log in to eMitra. Activate the ID by creating an admin user. You will receive instructions on how to activate the ID in the next class or post.

What is eMitra Kiosk LSP?

In simple words, eMitra Kiosk LSP stands for Local Service Provider. Their main job is to open eMitra kiosks, provide training, and solve any issues faced by the kiosks. They also arrange the necessary supplies for the kiosks.

LSPs and their companies need a license from the government to offer eMitra kiosks. Those who want to use the kiosks must follow the rules, provide necessary services, and obtain an eMitra ID. The kiosks are connected to the government.

If you want to get an eMitra Kiosk ID, you need to be careful when choosing a service provider (LSP). It's important to consider how much money the LSP is asking for. They may charge you anywhere between 500 and 5000 rupees for the eMitra Kiosk ID. Therefore, it's up to you to choose the LSP wisely based on the quality of service they offer and the cost involved.

If you want to use the kiosk from the online LSP list, make sure to contact the mobile phone number provided. If you don't, you might end up in a scam and lose your money. Remember, it's best not to get an emitra service from any agent.

What is eMitra User?

Many people use a special code called "eMitra" on a computer. They are all called eMitra users. If you have an eMitra code and use it, you become a user. If you have the code, you are the main user, also known as an admin user. If you want someone else to use your eMitra code, you can make them a user too. They can log in using the code or their fingerprint.

You can create different types of users on your eMitra. These users can do tasks and make money transactions for different services. There are also different types of friends who are users. We will talk about them later. Before creating a user, you need to know what documents they need.

Document For eMitra Kiosk User Apply Online

Required Documents for eMitra :
  1. User SSO ID
  2. Aadhar card (You must link your phone number with your Aadhar card).
  3. PAN Card
  4. 10th Marksheet (or upper Higher Qualification)
  5. Police Verification Certificate
  6. Bank Account Details (Cancelled Cheque/ Passbook / Statement etc.)
  7. Jan Aadhar Card
  8. eMitra Application Form with Color Photo
  9. Address Proof ( Rent Agreement/ Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill etc.)
  10. eMitra Affidavit on ₹50 stamp paper and verify by notary public.
  11. eMitra Agreement on ₹500 stamp paper after emitra approved.(not yet required)

eMitra Co-Branded Banner and RateList paste at your eMitra kiosk center.

If someone has all these papers, they can become a user. However, to become an eMitra user, you need to apply online to your eMitra first. After that, when the department approves the user's application, they will be able to use eMitra for their work.

How to Apply for eMitra Kiosk User Online

To make an eMitra user, you can apply for the user by logging into your eMitra Kiosk ID. Before applying, you need to check if you have all the necessary documents mentioned above. Once you have confirmed this, you can proceed with the application. You can watch a video that explains the entire application process and provides detailed information.

How to Delete eMitra Kiosk User / Operator

You can easily add or remove a user on your Emitra kiosk. If you added someone as a user but they're no longer working on your Emitra, you need to remove them. Watch the video below to learn how to remove a user from Emitra.

Now you should know that a person using Emitra is called an Emitra user. You should learn how to create an Emitra user and how to delete it. You should gather all the information about this.

Additionally, it's important to understand the different types of users and their roles. Also, once you become friends with an Emitra user, there are other things you need to be mindful of. Let's find out more about these.

How many types of eMitra users and their work

There are three types of eMitra users.
  1. LSP Admin User
  2. Kiosk Transaction User
  3. Kiosk Accountant

There are three types of users for the Emitra Kiosk.

  1. First, there is the LSP admin, which is you in this case. As the admin, you don't need to become an admin user.
  2. The second type is the Kiosk Transaction User. If someone becomes a Kiosk Transaction User, they can access all the services provided by Emitra, such as caste certificates, residence proof, ration cards, Jan Aadhaar cards, utility services, and applications.
    However, they cannot add money to their friend's wallet. They can view their own transactions and token information but not the admin's work. The Kiosk Transaction User is important, so you should become one.
  3. The third type is the Kiosk Accountant, whose job is solely related to money transactions. They handle putting money into and withdrawing money from the Emitra Wallet. This task is usually done by the admin. If you can handle it yourself, there is no need to create a Kiosk Accountant user.

These are the types of users and their respective tasks. If you want to work on behalf of your friend, you can create a user account for them, but there are still some things you need to keep in mind even after creating the account.

  1. Once you add someone as a user, you need to make sure they take both the regular and main exams on eMitra, just like the eMitra administrator does.
  2. In addition to that, you can also receive a letter from the user about their work.
  3. If someone stops using your online friend, you should delete it right away, or else they might deceive you.
  4. You need to be the person using something that you already know and have confidence in.
  5. You must always make sure the user's work is taken care of.

So, my friends, I have shared all the important details about being an eMitra user. If you think you want to receive more updates like this, you can follow us.

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