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How to Add Posts Manually Ad Unit on Jago Desain Template

Tutorial on adding posts manually ad units at the top, bottom and matched content ads of in Median UI, Fletro Pro and iMagz Template.
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Adding Ad Units at The Top or Bottom

Hello Guys, Welcome to The Web Trick. Today in this article I'm going to guide you step by step to Add Posts Manually Ad Unit Fletro Pro, iMagz, Median UI Blogger Template. So, follow the easy steps and learn more about How to Add Posts Manually Ad Unit on Jago Desain Blogger Template.

Adding Ad Units at The Top or Bottom of Fletro Pro, iMagz and Median UI

Some ad units can only be edited via Blogger Layout, one of which is above or below of the post.

  1. On Blogger dashboard, click Themes
  2. click icon on the Customize button
  3. select Edit HTML, you will be redirected to the theme's HTML editor page:
  4. Find the code below, press ctrl+F for faster search:
    <!--[ Top article ad ]-->
    <b:includable id='post-adTop'>
      <div class='pAd'>
        <!--[ Top article Ad ]-->
        <!--<ins class='adsbygoogle'/>
    <!--[ Bottom article ad ]-->
    <b:includable id='post-adBot'>
      <div class='pAd'>
        <!--[ Bottom article Ad ]-->
        <!--<ins class='adsbygoogle'/>
  5. You can add your ad unit by replacing the part marked in the code above,
  6. Click icon on top right of the screen to save changes, wait a few moments for the ad to appear.
Adding Matched Content Ad

Adding Matched Content Ad in Fletro Pro, iMagz and Median UI

Often called related content ads, they will display a collection of articles that match your post, these ads are usually placed at the bottom of the post.

Activating Ad Slots

  1. Go to the theme's HTML Editor, in Blogger dashboard click Themes
  2. click icon on the Customize button
  3. select Edit HTML.

On theme's HTML editor page, find the code as below and remove the <!-- --> comment tag to enable it:

<!--[ Matched content ad ]-->
<!--<b:include cond='data:view.isPost and !data:view.isPreview' data='post' name='post-relatedAd'/>-->

Adding Adsense Ad Units

Next to add your Adsense ads, look for code like this:

<!--[ Matched content Ad ]-->
<b:includable id='post-relatedAd'>
  <div class='relatedPosts'>
    <!--[ Matched content Ad ]-->
    <!--<ins class='adsbygoogle'/>

Then replace the marked part of the code with your own ad code.

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