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Thumbnail for YouTube Videos on PixelLab | PixelLab Thumbnail Tutorial

Download catchy custom thumbnail preset template. Create YouTube thumbnails that grab your audience's attention. PixelLab thumbnail tutorial.
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If you are looking for catchy custom thumbnail preset template. Now you can download this amazing thumbnail. If you want to create YouTube thumbnails that grab your audience's attention then you can learn basic knowledge of graphic designing. PixelLab is best app for android users to make catchy thumbnail. If you want thumbnail for YouTube Channel then this video can help you a lot because in this video we are learn lots of gfx features like lighting effect, shadow effect, scale etc. which improves your skills and knowledge and you can download this thumbnail free of cost personally and commercially but always remember to give direct download back-link to website.

How to edit a Pixellab PLP file?

A PLP stands for Pixellab Document file, which is a layered image file used in PixelLab App.

To edit a PLP resource we recommend to use the google play store program, which is PixelLab app.
There are many tutorials and learning material that you can find about PLP files in the Internet and also in the Pixellab website, that will give you access to a detailed information about the multiple features you can create when working with a PLP resource.

  1. Tap on download button then open pixellab app.
  2. Tap on my project then tap on .plp
  3. Just search for the .plp file on download folder, as there can be duplicates file on storage.
  4. Tap on the name of the .plp file then tap on the "Open And Add"
  5. You are done and start customise.

For more details, please see the features tap or click directly on the Preview Video Link below.

Watch Video

If you are interested to know how this template looks like, This video will give you full views about this template. We will show you every single steps that we have followed to create our thumbnail template. Also, do check out our other tutorials and templates on the YouTube channel of Plugin Now. If you face any difficulties to understand any step, you may contact us on telegram.

Feature of Thumbnail Template

  • Fully Customisation
  • Lighting effect, Shadow effect, Graph knowledge etc
  • Video Preview
  • Customize Editing Video Tutorial
  • File Size - 66 Mb
  • Customise Option Colour, Text
  • Text : add & customize your text object as much as you want.
  • Import Image : You can import your own png and logo to give your brand signature
  • Text Effect : Unquie Text effect like: Shadow, Stroke, Reflection
  • Text color : Set your text to any fill option you want, be it a simple color, a linear gradient, a radial gradient, or an image texture.
  • Text font : choose from hand picked fonts Or use your own fonts!
  • No Copyright Issue
  • Ultra FHD Resolution
  • Direct Download Link
  • No bugs or errors
  • Fast & Easy Export

Get this Pixellab PLP File Preset Template

You can download this template Project at free of charge. Just click on the download button below to start thumbnail template for Pixellab. You will get the folder file containing the PLP file format.  After that import file to Pixellab. You can change Text & Background, Colour etc as per your choice. We have shared 2 PLP files. You can use these files according to your interest.

Detail Thumbnail
File Free And Fully Customisation
Preset Pixellab PLP Template
Upload No Password
Upload 15 April 2021

Preset & XML 200-500kb
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