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Download PS Touch CC APK for Android | Adobe Photoshop Touch

Download Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android now from The Web Trick: 100% safe and virus free. Download Adobe Photoshop APK. Updated Version of Ps Touch
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As we all know, Adobe Photoshop is the best desktop-based photo editing application for now. Now, the smartphone version of the Adobe Photoshop application is here, especially for Android devices. Surely you will think that the Android version cannot get the same features as features in desktop applications. But, relax you can download Adobe Photoshop Touch full version including the latest version that is PS Touch Plus which is currently the newest version of this application and this Version can support even android 11 device so if you have a Android 11 Device and you want to use PS Touch but you are unable to use because of your android version but now there are no more problems now you can use it easily. Just Download it from the link below and enjoy.

What is Adobe Photoshop Touch

In one of the best photo editor applications on Android, you as a smartphone user will definitely find several features that you can enjoy like the desktop version. If you want to get maximum results, then you also have to do maximum photo editing. This means you can’t get maximum results if you only want to do photo editing with a one-tap-finish process (one-touch finish).

With features or tools that are similar to the desktop version, you can edit photos as a whole, such as cutting photos using polygon or lasso tools. Apart from that, you can also change the background, combine several photos, and much more. This application can also be used for photos that have large resolutions.

This latest apk version of Adobe PS Touch CC will not make you feel bored when doing photo editing. So that it will be very suitable for those of you who want to fill your spare time by producing cool work. Moreover, in this application, there are features or tools which of course will make it easier for you to edit photos and produce amazing work.

With the Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android application, you will be able to do photo editing anywhere and anytime as you wish. How are you interested in having this application? If you are interested, you can download it via this article for free.

Photoshop Touch allows a project to be commenced in two ways; either as a blank canvas or by opening an existing image and working on it. Unfortunately, Photoshop Touch limits the size of all images to 1600 pixels on the longer side, regardless of the original resolution of the image.

We edited a few our images from a recent excursion and the process was surprisingly easy. Photoshop Touch clubs all the common options from its desktop counterpart into three bars located on the left, top and right sides of the screens. The tools present in these bars correspond directly with the tools present in the desktop version. This move on the part of the Adobe, we felt, was a good one as it drastically reduces the time needed by a user to familiarize themselves with the options and their placement.

One of the best features of Photoshop Touch is the ability to create and manipulate layers, one of the most powerful features of Photoshop itself. The layers palette is located to the right of the screen and the top is occupied by various image adjustment options taken straight out of the desktop version such as Curves, Highlight and Shadow Recovery, Brightness/Contrast adjustment etc.

Tools offered by Photoshop Touch are very well optimized for the tablet experience. None of the tools have had their functionality dumbed down, as we experienced. For example, the 'Curves' tool allowed us to manipulate the curve levels at multiple points, just like one would on the desktop version of the software.

The filters offered by Photoshop Touch are broken down into four categories; Basic, Stylize, Artistic and Photo. These are the same categories one would find on the desktop version of the app, along with many others. The filter suite on Photoshop Touch is rather basic and just does not compare to the versatility offered by the full version of Photoshop.

While editing images was a rather pleasurable experience, we feel that having the image size be limited to just 1600 pixels on the long edge was sort of a let down. Precise selection was another area of concern, leading us to believe that while Photoshop touch is great for global editing of an image, but when it comes to editing that requires very precise selections; you might be better off using the full-fledged version.

Two essential features from the desktop version that did not make it into the app are the options for using Masks and creating Adjustment Layers. The lack of these two features sets Photoshop Touch in a lower rung as compared to the fully loaded desktop version; at least as far as editing capabilities go. Most photographers use masking and adjustment layers as a staple in their editing technique as it allows for non-destructive and rather creative ways of adding flair to the images. With these features missing, we would conclude that Photoshop Touch is meant for casual image editing, and not for use as a professional editing solution.

Photoshop Touch offers the ability to export final images as either jpg or png files. These can either be exported to the camera roll, Facebook, E-mail or sent to a printer over Wi-Fi. The app also saves editable files as PSDx files that are stored within the app. The app allows the PSDx files to be uploaded to Adobe's Creative Cloud service so that they can be downloaded to a desktop and edited on the desktop (compatible only with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and requires a plug-in to be installed).

Unfortunately, if you emailed the PSDx file to yourself and tried to open it through the mail app on the PC, the file would not open. The only way to keep PSDx files synchronized over the desktop and the iPad is to use Adobe's Creative Cloud service, that offers 2GB of free space upon sign-up.

All in all, Photoshop Touch is an excellent app with a lot of functionality of the desktop version being ported to the tablet. While the app offers powerful tools to edit images on the go, we feel that it does not function as a replacement for the desktop version of Photoshop in ways more than one.

Photoshop Touch for phone is a version of Adobe Photoshop ported to phones. Desktop Photoshop (PC/Mac) is a great tool and Photoshop Touch for phone on Android is a redesigned version giving you many of the same options, just optimized on a phone's smaller screen.

In Photoshop Touch for phone you can manipulate layers and adjustment tools to create interesting images. With an integrated camera, you can use the camera to fill an area with the unique Camera Fill tool. Many of the same features can be accessed through the editing app.

Photoshop Touch for phone also has a lot of sharing options like sharing on Facebook and Twitter to locate images. Including step-by-step tutorials, Photoshop Touch for phone is a great app for knowledgeable Photoshop users.

Photoshop Touch for phone supports a maximum of 12 megapixels for images allowing you a lot of space to create your unique images.

Adobe Photoshop Touch CC for Android is a great photo editing tool for smartphone creators.

PROS of PS Touch
  1. Professional Editing & Easily Interf interface interface interface interface interface options
  2. You Can Upload Your Project to Adobe Creative Cloud & edit them in system.
  3. Share through Facebook and Twitter
CONS of PS Touch
  1. Smaller screen can limit tasks
  2. No more official update from Adobe

Features of Adobe Photoshop Touch CC

It can be said that “PS Touch Apk 2021” has won the hearts of millions of users around the world and is said to be one of the best Android photo editors in the world. About the basic features, it provides users the most common things like cropping, straightening, rotating, and flipping photos.

The easy-to-use mode can make selfies more beautiful, and even landscape photos brighter thanks to tools to remove blemishes and dust from photos. Simple and editable indicators such as contrast, exposure, and white balance are always available to users who can easily adapt to one touch. If you don’t like the default settings, it’s easy to customize thanks to the built-in sliders.

Also, with more than 80 different filters, you can easily capture the edited image in harmonious colors, just press the shutter button. Generally; basically, only a few such applications are enough for amateurs to create beautiful works for posting on social networks.

But if you’re someone with very few editing and post-production skills, it doesn’t stop there. You want the image to be your own style and not compatible with others. “PS Touch latest Version Apk 2021” certainly has the right tools for you to get creative. The following are advantages or features that you can enjoy when using the Adobe Photoshop Touch Pro Apk application.

  • Control PalmSens and EmStat devices via USB* or Bluetooth
  • Load and save measured curves
  • Analyse and manipulate peaks
  • Analytical mode for concentration determination by means of standard addition or a calibration curve
  • Share measurement and analysis data directly via e-mail or Dropbox
  • Support for PalmSens accessories such as a multiplexer, stirrer or bipot
  • Since version 1.12 PS touch will request Wi-fi and network access permissions when it is installed. These are used only for (anonymous) analytics and automated bug reports. When PS touch is first started the user is asked about anonymous data collection and bug reports, if he/she selects no then PStouch will never use the wi-fi connection. We respect your privacy and will never collect personal information!

How to Install PS Touch & PS Touch CC APK in Mobile

  1. You must first download the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Touch APK via the link.

  2. After that, you can enter the settings for the device you are using > Enter Security / Privacy > then, you can activate the button in the “Unknown Source” or “Unknown Sources” section.

  3. Open the latest file that you downloaded earlier and install the application as usual.

  4. Wait for the application installation process to complete and if the process is complete, the app is ready for you to use.

Important Notes

  1. If Photoshop touch fails to update or does not start after updating then please uninstall it, delete the PS touch folder on your SD card and reinstall PS touch. Also make sure that there is enough free space on your phone and SD card.

  2. If you would like to connect you EmStat or PalmSens device to your mobile phone or tablet via USB then your phone or tablet must support USB host mode. Most modern phones and full-sized tablets support USB host mode, if you are unsure then please consult your device manual.

  3. Emstat 3 devices may have problems connection via USB depending on your mobile device, if you are having problems then please consult the Help section of PS touch for solutions. You can find the Help section listed in the main menu.
* Depends on Android device model

Download Adobe PS Touch CC APK

You can download this APK file at free of cost. Just click on the download button. You will get the Google Drive file link. After that install APK file on your android device.

All Photoshop Touch CC APK


Photoshop Touch CC For Android
V All Version
MB 130

*You can be Downloads through Google Play Store, If you don't want to mod version. Play Store

Photoshop Touch 5 APK
Photoshop Touch 9 APK
Photoshop Touch 10 APK
Photoshop Touch 11 APK
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